We are hiring!

At the moment we have two open PhD positions:

PhD position on the microtubule cytoskeleton

We are looking for a motivated PhD candidate interested in using cell biological, biochemical and biophysical approaches in combination with microfabrication / microfluidics to study the basic principles that govern the properties of the microtubule cytoskeleton. The goal of the project is to reveal the biophysical rules that determine the relation between microtubule network architecture, dynamics and function. The project will involve live cell experiments as well as reconstituting in vitro systems with a minimum set of components.

PhD position on cytoskeletal cross-talk

A second PhD position is available on cytoskeletal cross-talk. Microtubules and intermediate filaments are cytoskeletal elements with contrasting mechanical, dynamic and structural properties. We believe that cells take advantage and differentially regulate the cross-talk between these filaments to fine-tune cytoskeletal function.
The goal of the project is to unravel the rules of interaction between microtubules and intermediate filaments. To achieve this goal, we will use live cell observations as well as experiments involving cell-free extract in combination with microstructured environments and microfluidics.

A background and experience in molecular biology, biophysics and / or biochemistry is a plus. We like to give students the freedom to work out their own research focus, depending on their background and skills and the outcome of their project.

We are a young, enthusiastic and highly interdisciplinary team working on the cytoskeleton on different scales, from molecules to cells. We are particularly passionate about microtubules and intermediate filaments, two cytoskeletal fibers with opposing mechanical, dynamic and structural properties. We investigate cytoskeletal architecture, dynamics, mechanics and cross-talk using tools from biophysics, biochemistry, cell biology and microfabrication. We are an experimental research group, but we collaborate with other groups to complement our experiments with theoretical approaches.

For more information, please contact Laura Aradilla Zapata ( Applications should be sent to

We also welcome PhD students and postdocs who are interested in applying for their own funding, please contact us.