January 1st, 2023: Mariana Romeiro Motta joined the lab on a collaborative project with Olivier Hamant (Lyon, France). Welcome!


 November 16th, 2021: Dyuthi and Subham won the 1st and 3rd price of this year’s CRC 1027 photo competition. Congratulations!


 September 15th, 2021: Shweta, our new PhD student, joined the lab to work on our CRC 1027 project. Welcome Shweta!


 May 24th, 2021: Our CRC 1027 project on microtubules has been approved. Yay! 🙂



May 1st, 2021: Subham Biswas and Dyuthi Sreekumar have joined the lab as PhD students. Welcome!

 December 9th, 2020: We are happy to welcome Ramona Grünewald who will join our team in January as lab technician!