Build a Microscope


How does a microscope work?Why can I see cells better if I use phase contrast?

What is fluorescence?

Which objective should I choose, and how do I get the best image of my sample?

Optical microscopy is one of the most widely used tools in biology. In this course, we cover the basics of how a microscope works and explore different techniques, such as darkfield, phase contrast and fluorescence microscopy. Through a combination of theory and practical sessions in which students build a microscope step by step, we build an intuitive understanding of optical microscopes.

The course takes place once a year in September / October as a block course (6 CP) and is open to students of biological sciences and other subjects. No previous knowledge of optics is required. Please contact Laura Aradilla (laura.aradillazapata[at]uni-saarland.de) if you are interested!

The next course will take place in Sep / Oct 2024.

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